What They Are Saying…

Following are unsolicited comments taken from letters, articles and CD liner notes:

"If you want to create a stellar CD, it’s no longer enough to be an impassioned songwriter and musician, you also have to maintain the objectivity of an engineer and producer. Just ask Steve Hansen."
Electronic Musician Magazine

"Taking Us Nowhere (written and produced by Steve Hansen) is a superior collection of 10 textured, smartly assembled tracks that are heavy on hook, smartly varied, and surprisingly depthy."
Bay Area Music Magazine (BAM)

"Thanks again for the help. The TV show looks great and the music you provided was just perfect in mood. It really helps the show flow and the vibroslap came in handy for all the two-second whip pans!"
Chris Kelly - Executive Producer at BoatTest.com

"Dear Steve,
A token of thanks for your close and crucial attention to my project. Your impeccable musicianship, humor, kindness, focus and care will carry me through to my next musical experience.
Thank you again."
Melissa Firdman - Vocalist

"Special thanks to Steve Hansen for his dedication and major contribution to this project"
John Dunham - Songwriter (Baby Soul)

"I played the song (recorded at Hi-Top) for my vocal coach and she thought it was really good. I’ve also been listening to Little Planet - it’s awesome"
Jessie Short - TVT Records

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